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We’re all figuring out ways to do business differently. While it won’t be easy, your resolve, entrepreneurial spirit, and relationships will help you recover and build momentum. That includes the relationship with your Safeguard Advisor, who has ideas and new products & services to help.
Safety products like sanitizer, masks and distancing signs


Keep customers and employees safe and healthy as you reopen.
Includes: Distancing signs, sanitizer, masks/gloves, wipes, sneeze guards +

Print Communications medias like postcards, flyers, brochures

Print Communications

Communicate with prospects and customers using high-quality and high-impact marketing pieces.
Includes: Postcards, flyers, brochures, design services +

Tablet with a proper website design

Digital Communications

Get the word out to the masses with less contact.
Includes: Website design & online directory listings

Employee Care supplies like awards, certificates

Employee Care

Support the well-being of employees.
Includes: Awards, Certificates, Thank-you cards +

Customized cheques, forms and banking supplies

Managing Finances

Continue to make payments and run your business.
Includes: Customized cheques, forms, banking supplies +

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COVID-19 Recovery Center

Safeguard has the tips and solutions to help you move forward. Download our Recovery Planning eBook and our Online Tips eBook to get started. Plus, check out our recovery center for more ideas and solutions.

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