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The Safeguard Advantage

It's all about you.
Count on your local Safeguard consultant for products, services and advice
that make managing and marketing your business easier and more effective.

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Your consultant can help with everything from cheques and forms to online marketing and full-colour printing. Browse online, then get in touch for ideas or to purchase. This personal service is free to you.
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Personal Attention

Personal Attention

Your consultant's
knowledge, expertise and
tailored solutions help
build a path to
your success.

Experience Leverage

Lasting Relationships

By providing local
perspectives, consultants
like yours have forged
relationships lasting
40+ years.

buying power advantage

Buying Power

Your consultant
consistently puts
Safeguard's economies of
scale to work for your
bottom line.

Your relationship benefits

consultant benefits
  • Reduction of time spent with multiple vendors
  • Integration of online and offline marketing
  • Added value from economies of scale
  • Extensive breadth of services and products
  • Specific expertise in your industry

Your proof:

Safeguard value
  • Customers have trusted Safeguard since 1956
  • 94% of customers say they'd refer others
  • Products are manufactured at 30+ Safeguard sites
  • A network of strategic vendors offer additional options
Expand your business, not your overhead.