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Infocast, Inc.

Infocast, Inc. specializes in specific industries with a concentration in alternative energy (wind, solar, bio fuels and fracking). They began facilitating networking conferences to attract experts in these industries as well as venture capitalists, bankers, attorneys, government officials, etc. Infocast now holds from fifty to sixty such meetings a year.

Seeking Revenue Growth
While meetings were well attended, Infocast was looking for ways to generate more lucrative sponsorships to boost revenue.

Open to New Ideas from Safeguard
During a discussion with their Safeguard consultant, Infocast revealed their only sponsor benefit was logo placement on meeting banners. Here was a great opportunity to put the power of promotional products to work. After a number of options were discussed, Infocast selected a variety of items for different levels of sponsorships such as personalized tote bags with sponsor logos, lanyards, water bottles and meeting notebooks. All these items were inexpensive ways to attract new conference sponsors interested in building their own company’s awareness and brand image.

Win-Win Outcome
Finding this new revenue stream was exactly what Infocast needed. And their Safeguard consultant helped them make it all happen. The sponsorship ideas that were put into action enabled Infocast to increase its sponsorships at a fraction of the cost, creating a new profit center for the Company. Ultimately, the new sponsorship program developed in partnership with Safeguard helped Infocast increase their sponsorship revenue over half a million dollars (33%) in 2012, while spending only $25,000 on promotional products.

Lanyards, tote bags, water bottles, notebooks