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National Language Training Company

Twelve separate teaching centers of a national language training company were each responsible for creating attendance and completion certificates for students taking courses there. When counterfeit certificates started turning up, the company knew it was time to get a handle on document security in order to preserve their reputation.

The problem, presented to the company's Safeguard consultant, stemmed from the use of generic, one-size-fits-all certificates that were easily photoshopped and forged by students who either did poorly in class or didn't complete course work at all. "How," the company asked, "can we create a certificate program that's professional, universally recognized, yet center-specific and difficult to alter?"

Knowing that Safeguard's vast graphic capabilities were more than equal to the challenge, their consultant recommended custom-designed, full-colour, foil-embossed templates as the solution.

So today, while all the certificates have the same overall look, individual logo designs differentiate teaching center locations, and separate border treatments make it easy to distinguish a student's level of accomplishment. Each center director uses a templated information system to fill in key fields’ name, date, level completed, etc. – on the certificates, which won't print correctly without the corresponding full-colour, foil-embossed certificate stock.

Thanks to Safeguard, the 12 teaching center locations and the company's corporate office, 40 different computer users exercise complete control with a document security solution that ensures a more professional appearance while making unauthorized duplication virtually impossible.

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Full colour, Shiny foil embossed seal, Create a new generic logo, Use script font and forged signature.