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NorthCal Healthcare System

How do you address financial, branding and security issues with one smart solution? NorthCal Healthcare System found out the easy way.

NorthCal had been giving a yearly allowance to separate hospital departments to purchase scrubs and uniforms. Not surprisingly, none of the departmental outfits matched with each other, creating not only a branding problem but a potentially dangerous security risk.

Called in to assess the situation, their Safeguard consultant recommended the creation of an online storefront. NorthCal then chose standard apparel to include on the site and switched over to a cashless system, which lets employees buy their scrubs and uniforms with allotted points rather than money.

This Safeguard innovation worked so well that NorthCal asked their consultant to add business cards, promotional products, prescription pads and other frequently used items to their online store.

Now NorthCal employees in all departments enjoy quick, easy ordering of apparel and office products as they need them, and the company is completely in control of its branding and security.

Wondering if an online storefront is right for your business? Facing a new marketing challenge? Need some strategic advice? Your Safeguard consultant is just a phone call or email away.

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