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Brand Impressions


Multiply your marketing frequency for exponential returns

Think about it … your customers and prospects are exposed to thousands of marketing messages a day. Why would they remember yours? Unless your timing coincides with an immediate need, your messages most likely go unnoticed.

That's what makes frequency so important.

It's a proven fact that humans need to see an image at least seven times to remember it. So get creative. And let your Safeguard advisor help you engage your target audience again and again through email, direct mail, promotional products and all the other tools we have in our marketing kit.

Don't just sell stuff, strengthen relationships

Next to your brand, your most valuable asset is a loyal customer. Applied logically over time, marketing frequency not only boosts sales, but it helps you forge an incredibly strong bond with that customer through recurring imagery, compelling messages and targeted offers.

"Spray and pray" is not an effective marketing approach

Frequency doesn't mean mailing out a bunch of postcards, then sitting back and waiting for magic to happen. You could be in for a long wait. But if your well thought-out campaign targets the right people, the right number of times and includes components that drive and support sales, you'll create genuine interest that can turn into measurable profitability.

An integrated, frequency-based campaign includes these touch points:

  • Eye-catching, full-color brochures that tell your story
  • An interactive website with response and measurement tools
  • Email marketing that drives recipients to your site
  • Direct mail for targeted one-on-one communications
  • Promotional products that enhance brand integrity
  • Event marketing and social media
  • Follow up

Not sure where to start? For a FREE consultation on how you can drive exponential returns, call or email your Safeguard advisor today.