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Best Practices

Best practices to manage your risk:

  1. Use high-security cheques.
    High-security cheques are the best way to deter and detect cheque fraud.
  2. Store cheques under lock and key.
    Always keep your cheques in a safe, controlled environment away from signature stamps.
  3. Incorporate checks and balances.
    Centralize cheque writing. Make sure more than one person handles accounts payable. Reconcile bank statements daily. Investigate cheque numbers cashed out of sequence and cheques made out to “cash.”
  4. Stay one step ahead of thieves.
    Immediately notify your bank of changes in signing authorization. Require two signatures for large amounts. Set up a separate account for large dollar limits.
  5. Peace of mind is a phone call away.
    Don’t fight fraud alone. Let Safeguard help.
Best Practices
Cheque images are subject to change as we continue to enhance our manufacturing and security technologies.