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Fraud Services

Can your business survive
cheque fraud?

EZShield Premium® cheque fraud assistance keeps your business going while
experts resolve the damage.

It's easy to protect your business and reputation with EZShield Premium® cheque fraud assistance. This service, combined with embedded high-security cheque features, enables you to keep business running as usual even if you experience fraud.

Fully managed damage control on your behalf, including:

  1. Up to a $25,000 advance within 72 business hours for qualified cheque fraud losses*
  2. Access to a dedicated resolution specialist who can act on behalf of you and your business during the resolution process
  3. Saves you time and money if fraud should occur

Don't risk the consequences of cheque fraud. Call today and get peace of mind.

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*For details on the specific types of cheque fraud covered by EZShield Premium®, and complete terms and conditions.